Getting Started with Your Closet Organization Project

Having a disorganized bedroom closet can be completely deflating. You start each day by looking into chaos as you try to find your clothes for the day, and this can make you feel out-of-control and helpless. It's certainly no way to start your day. are reading this article because you are considering a closet reorganization project. Congratulations!
Below are some suggestions on how to get started with your bedroom closet reorganization project.
Step 1: Move out the clothes that you do not wear often
The basic guideline here is that you do not want to take up space in your closet with clothes that are more than one size up or down from your current size. I'm not suggesting that you necessarily need to throw out items that don't meet this criteria, but you should move these items to a different location in the house if possible, for example the basement, attic, or a closet in a room in your house that is unoccupied. One alternative is to keep clothes that are appropriate for the current season in your closet and to store in another location any clothes that are out of season.
Step 2: Determine the type of items that you want to have in your bedroom closet
You will certainly want hanging clothes in your closet, but what else? Do you want to organize folded clothes, hats, and shoes? What about socks and undergarments? Do you want a space for belts and ties? Do you want a space for dirty laundry?
There are two factors that will likely drive the answers to these questions. First, how much room do you have in your closet? Your space may dictate that you have room only for hanging clothes and a little shelf space. If you have a larger space, you could consider organizing some of the other items above. Secondly, think about how you want your closet to fit into your overall daily routine. Do you want your closet to be your "one stop shop" for all of the items that you need to get dressed and ready for the day? Or, do you have dressers and wardrobe cabinets in your bedroom to house folded clothes, undergarments, and accessories?
Step 3: Determine if a new closest organizer system is needed
You may have a single shelf in your closet or an out-of-date organizer system that you inherited when you moved into your house. To maximize the potential of your bedroom closet, you may want to make a small investment in a new closet organizer system. There are lots of options on the market from wood to wire to plastic, from fixed designs to adjustable shelving, from standard shelves and hang rods to systems that include drawers, cabinets, and baskets. I've had the opportunity to evaluate and install many different systems in the past. I hope that you will use some of the resources on this Website to help you choose the organizer that is right for you.
Step 4: Design your new system
If you plan to do a custom closet design, you'll need to plan out the amount of short hang, long hang, and stacking space that you will need. If you plan to store shoes, hats, undergarments, or ties and belts in your closet, you will need to plan a space for these items. If you are an above average DIY'er you can go to your local home improvement center and buy all of the required components that you need to complete the job, but this can be really complex to do. Instead, I recommend that you investigate the Configurations Closet System by Rubbermaid (also marketed as the HomeFree System by Rubbermaid). This is an adjustable custom closet system that comes in a box with all of the components needed to complete the installation. For more information on these systems, check out the reviews of these products on

Step 5: Complete the project
GIve yourself enough time to remove and sort through your clothes, to remove the old closet shelving and to install the new system. This may mean dedicating an entire day to this project, and perhaps several days if your reorganization efforts are larger. At any rate, give yourself the time that is needed to complete the project without having to stress about other things that you should be doing. This should be a fun project for you. Consider inviting some friends over to help you out!
I've completed many of my own closet reorganization projects in the past and have helped others reorganize their bedroom closets. I can tell you firsthand that the satisfaction and relief that comes with executing a well planned closet reorganization is well worth the effort. Good luck!