Custom closet in a box!

I recently wrote about the trade-offs that must be made when deciding to purchase a new closet organizer. One option is to choose a custom closet design where you can customize your closet to fit your particular needs. However, shopping for all of the "open stock" components to complete the layout of a custom closet can be a nightmare for the average DIY'er and installing the closet system can be even worse. Another option is to purchase a pre-configured closet kit. These kits are easy to shop for and easier to install than a custom closet design, but you have fewer options when choosing the layout of your closet system.

Rubbermaid has claimed to solve this problem! The Rubbermaid Configurations Closet System claims to be the first "Custom Closet in a Box." Intrigued by this claim, I purchased the kit shown here and investigated this system for myself:

Here are the areas that I paid particular attention to when evaluating this system:
  •  Ease of choosing the right closet layout to meet my needs
  •  Ease of selecting the right shelves, brackets, hardware and accessories needed to complete the job
  •  Ease of installing the system
  •  Overall satisfaction with the product
Choosing the Right Closet Layout
I have to say that this was extremely easy to do. This ventilated wire shelving system can be configured to literally millions of different layouts once the tracks are installed to the wall. Short hang, long hang, shelves, rods, accessories...all of these can be moved and moved again until the right layout is found. Awesome!
Ease of Selecting the Components Needed to Complete the Job
Everything needed to complete the installation was in the box. The components were easy to unpack and identify. Rails, tracks and shelves are made of epoxy-coated metal and were in perfect condition when unpacked.
Ease of Installing the System
I have to say that the Rubbermaid Configurations closet kit exceeded my expectations here. Installation starts with the mounting of a rail along the top of the back wall. This track is expandable and can be made to extend the full width of the closet with no cutting. Upright tracks then hang off of the back rail at 16" intervals...again no cutting. The most impressive part, though, is that the shelves and hanging rods that mount to the upright tracks are also expandable with no cutting! This appears to be a first in the category. (I did some investigation and found that Rubbermaid has several patents for this design, so you may be unlikely to find this feature in other systems). Once I installed the shelves and rods the first time, I easily moved, expanded, and shortened the shelves and rods to try different configurations. Totally cool!
Overall Satisfaction with the Product
For the DIY'er looking to upgrade an old closet layout, I can't imagine there being an easier, better quality system. The ease of installation and ability to change the design at any time are features that have made this system my favorite ventilated wire system. In fact, after purchasing the first system, I purchased two others to use in my children's rooms. As they grow and the sizes and lengths of their clothes grow with them, I will be able to move shelves and rods to accommodate.

If you are interested in exploring the Rubbermaid Configurations systems further, you can find them on

Once you have purchased one of the kits above, you can add additional shelving, baskets, tie and belt organizers and various other accessories to your design. All of these items are easy to assemble and can be installed with little effort:

These systems are available in either epoxy-coated white wire systems or epoxy-coated titanium systems. Both colors look great, but be sure to match colors when purchasing additional shelving and accessories. Good luck!